Yamaha 350Li
Yamaha 350Li
Yamaha 350Li
Yamaha 350Li

Yamaha 350Li

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The Yamaha 350Li is a full-featured Seascooter that gets you cruising underwater with a top speed up to 3.7mph (6km/h). Easily shift between 3 rotational speeds as you conserve your energy for more bottom time. An automatic buoyance system, designed for saltwater, allows you to concentrate on the scenery and not on your equipment. Run up to 75 min with normal use.

This unit was used one day only, it looks like new come with new battery, new charger, no accessories. Box was damage this is why the price is lower that original.

  • Rated to 130ft / 40m
  • Speed up to 3.7 MPH / 6 KM/H
  • 3-level rotational speed control
  • Battery level indicator
  • Superior flood prevention system
  • Powered by a high-performance replaceable Lithium-Ion battery. (Upgradeable 500W battery available)
  • Automatic buoyancy adjustment
  • Weight only 19 lb / 8.6 kg including battery
  • Product size: 12.6” x 11.8” x 24” / 319 x 300 x 610 (mm)
  • Item # YME22500